Pick 'n Mix

Pick a box of 40 (R300) units from any of our premium range products or choose from exquisite flavour combinations such as Spicy Macademia Cranberry Nougat half dipped in dark chocolate, Macademia Mango Nougat, Almond and Berry Nougat, Pistachio, Cranberry and Maple Truffles (dark chocolate), Raspberry Truffles (dark or white chocolate), Spicy Apricot Orange Fudge, Raspberry Fudge, Apricot Mallow and Cherry Mallow.

Contact us for a full list of flavours and products available and to order your choice of fresh, tailor-made artisan confectionery.

E-mail: admin@roseshandmade.co.za

* Please note that Pick ‘n Mix products must be enjoyed immediately.

Pick 'n Mix

Impress your guests at your next special occasion with a stunning display of delectable handmade treats. Our Pick 'n Mix enables you to choose your own selection of confectionery and makes it easy to unpack without the fuss of unnecessary packaging.