Our retail confectionery range is available from our factory shop at roseshandmade.co.za or at 30 Concordia Street in Paarl. With our factory shop, we have aimed to make a perfectly good retail product available directly to customers, at affordable and often reduced prices.


Exceptional attention to every detail in the traditional processes of producing Fudge, Nougat and Turkish Delight means Roses Handmade Confectionery can offer sweets of an unsurpassed quality. Special treats, corporate gifts or just plain indulgent comfort – there’s a Roses traditional confection to suit every mood or occasion. View our Handmade Gift Range here



Roses Handmade offers corporate and hospitality gift ranges of traditional confectionery of superior, handmade quality. Our confectionery is crafted by hand, using the finest natural ingredients to ensure that every bite is an indulgent pleasure.