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Our time-honoured nougat has its humble beginnings in the cosy farm-kitchen of Rose Opperman in Vryheid, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Using only the freshest farm eggs from free-roaming hens, wild honey brought in from the veld, nuts from a tree in her orchard, and other ingredients in her pantry, Rose made many small batches of flops (what a treat for the children!) before perfecting the recipe. This marriage of an authentic family recipe and South African perseverance resulted in today’s nougat which is handcrafted by a team of women from the local Paarl community. Our nostalgic fudge and caramels bring back memories of a busy and ever-creative cook in a warm farm kitchen; the air filled with the decadently rich aroma of slow cooked sweets. The heavy kitchen table is laden with the best ingredients and stands central to the conversation, which may vary from light banter to serious, but sweet, philosophy. The rosy smell and acquired taste of Turkish Delight is a reminder of times when special guests visited. This was the perfect opportunity to take the finest silver platter off from it's prime position on the side board and polish it to be shinier than a mirror. The table would be set with peculiar copper coffee pots and petite coffee cups from the finest china, beautifully decorated with colourful flower patterns and gold. The silver platter, laden with plump cubes of Turkish Delight, sprinkled with a fine dust of icing sugar and decorated with fresh rose petals was the centre piece of this wonderful coffee party. In keeping with the Rose's tradition, our truffles and clusters are deliciously rich and flavourful. Each exquisite truffle and cluster pays homage to true artisinal craft.